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Product Partners

Our Product Partners

BHC partners with leading domestic and international wholesale producers and suppliers with the goal to provide Australian patients with the widest range of products in the country. We ensure that every supply partner we work with aligns with our core values and we work closely with them to make sure that all the products listed on CanView have reliable supply and conform to the highest quality standards. 

If you are a cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler or brand looking for Australian market distribution of wholesale plant-based therapies or to increase your growth profile through our proven strategies, please get in touch with our team today. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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Established in 2013, Tilray was the first GMP-certified producer to supply products to thousands of patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, governments, and researchers across four continents. As a North American manufacturer based out of Canada, Tilray has GMP production facilities located in Namaimo, British Columbia and Catehande, Portugal. In 2017, Tilray Australia and New Zealand was established and since then has been dedicated to supporting the ANZ region with access to its GMP products.

Tilray was the first company to legally export from North America to Australia and New Zealand. Today, it is one of the leading providers to the industry in Australia and New Zealand for commercial, compassionate access and research purposes.

NSW, Australia

Vitura Health: (ASX:VIT)

Vitura Health (ASX:VIT) are focused on creating digital health solutions that connect and strengthen the ecosystem between patients, prescribers, pharmacists, and suppliers. Vitura Health’s operations include technology enabled healthcare management, distribution and education, as well as quality medications that are delivered through a strategically aligned portfolio of brands.

Vitura Health’s flagship brand is the Adaya range. Adaya products have been designed, developed and formulated based on feedback from patients and healthcare professionals to meet their needs throughout Australia. The Adaya range also places an important focus on low product costs, further strengthening the goal of sustainable patient access.

QLD, Australia


Cortexa is a partnership between PharmAla Biotech, a Canadian company committed to research and manufacturing of clinical-grade psychedelics, and Vitura Health, an Australian leader in emerging therapies and the largest distributor of plant medicine in the country. As one of the pioneering organisations in its field, Cortexa stands as one of the few companies worldwide capable of providing validated psychedelics that are ready for patient use. Cortexa is dedicated to compliance and upholds the highest ethical standards while navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Their mission is to provide safe, reliable and accessible psychedelic solutions, working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure optimal outcomes for patients.

QLD, Australia

Kind Medical

Kind Medical exists to make high-quality plant medication more accessible and affordable for Australians. Working with globally renowned cultivators, Kind offers a range of carefully selected cultivars and formats to meet varying patient needs and preferences.

From eco-conscious packaging to industry education and advocacy, Kind strives to embody its name and operate #WithKindness to positively impact patients, prescribers and the planet.

Kind Medical is a part of Altum, a fast-growing regional company focused on bringing cannabinoids back to the Asia-Pacific.

WA, Australia

Little Green Pharma (ASX:LGP)

Little Green Pharma (LGP) has been assisting patients since 2018 with a vision to transform the lives of patients globally. LGP produces locally manufactured, alternative medicines that are AU GMP-certified. It stands proudly behind the 'Made in Australia' stamp having experienced first-hand the strict quality requirements for products grown and manufactured locally to Australian standards, and the assurance this gives to both doctors and patients.

The Little Green Pharma team have proven their commitment to helping patients, demonstrated through not only the quality, reliability, and affordability of their products, but the level of service they provide too. In addition, Little Green Pharma also works closely with medical practitioners to assist them with applications for alternative medicines.

WA, Australia

BOD Science Limited (ASX:BOD)

BOD Science Limited (BOD) is an ASX-listed company committed to providing the highest quality plant extracts to support patient care. Launched in 2014 with a vision to innovate and create herbal-based healthcare products, BOD’s products unify the strengths that both science and herbal medicine have to offer. The company’s ongoing aim is to provide its customers with high-grade ingredients and apply evidence-based scientific rigour and clinical trial processes to ensure tangible solutions for all.

BOD has collaborated with world-renowned manufacturers to provide GMP pharmaceutical-grade products. Its ongoing partnerships with prominent global researchers, doctors and institutions enable BOD to build knowledge and evidence to support the use of plant-based therapy. Distributing products in Australia and the UK, BOD is a trusted leader for both the consumer and medical markets.

NSW, Australia

Australian Naturals Therapeutics Group (ANTG)

As a privately owned Australian company, ANTG combine strong research with premium cultivation and extraction methods to develop high-quality medicines for treatments that meet individual patient needs. All ANTG products are Australian grown. ANTG is committed to investing in research and development, both in-house and by partnering with key universities to undertake research and support clinical trial programs.

ANTG is the first and only Australian alternative medical company to receive GMP and GACP accreditations for manufacturing and meeting the highest pharmaceuticals standards worldwide. Passionate about the possibilities and health benefits, ANTG is dedicated to quality control at every step of the cultivation, extraction and production processes. ANTG’s plants are cultivated under direct sunlight in a completely natural, renewable environment that is free from harmful chemical pesticides. Using world-leading procedures that ensure optimal quality, ANTG’s Australian facilities are equipped with green water systems and specialised waste treatment methods, enabling a sustainable end-to-end process.

NSW, Australia

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MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX:MXC)

As a European based biopharma company, MGC Pharmaceuticals (MGC Pharma) develops and supplies affordable standardised medicines to patients across Europe, North America and Australasia. Founded by key figures in the industry, MGC Pharma has a robust product offering and has further products in the development pipeline.

MGC Pharma has numerous research collaborations with world-renowned academic institutions. MGC Pharma has a growing patient base in Australia, the UK, Brazil and Ireland and has a global distribution footprint via an extensive network of commercial partners meaning that it is poised to supply the global market.

WA, Australia

Medcan Australia

Medcan Australia was granted the 13th Cultivation and Production license from the Office of Drug Control in November 2017 and was brought to life with a single vision – to provide Australian patients with high quality and fair priced products. This vision has positioned the company to be a front runner in the Australian industry. Medcan Australia share a firm belief that alternative medicine is not simply a "one pill suits all" solution. As the company recognise that patients have specific needs and requirements, its aim is to provide a customised product based on a patient's particular circumstances.

Deploying a vertically integrated business model, Medcan Australia cultivates and produces high quality products for both clinical trials and individual patient access. Medcan assures quality, composition and reliability of supply thanks to automated cultivation processes designed to ensure consistent results across the board.

QLD, Australia


An Australian-owned company founded in 2015, Cannatrek specialise in the research, cultivation, manufacturing and delivery of alternative medicine. Backed by medicinal licenses and strategic global partnerships, the company manages the entire product lifecycle. Its unique seed-to-patient model supports the company in achieving its mission to provide affordable care to patients.

Collaborating with established, leading seed banks enable Cannatrek to continuously build a genetic stock foundation of robust and rare genotypes. The company currently has eight different plant strains and is working to develop new strains through cross-breeding to treat a wider array of medical conditions.

VIC, Australia

Beacon Medical Australia

Beacon Medical Australia (Beacon Medical) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian TSX-listed company, VIVO (TSX:VIVO), which has been growing and selling pharmaceutical-grade products to patients since 2014. VIVO hold two of the first sixteen licenses granted in Canada, and Beacon Medical is a conduit for bringing the parent company’s knowledge, care and compassion to Australian patients.

A name fit for purpose, Beacon Medical aims to be a guiding light for patients. Its indoor, small batch GMP production facilities produce consistent products and a set of stringent quality assurance processes that set the bar for quality and compliance in production. Beacon Medical’s operations house some of the most technologically advanced indoor growing facilities in the world, enabling the company complete control over the environment and consistency of strains produced.

ON, Canada


BHC was one of the very first companies in Australia to receive its importation and wholesale license back in 2017. Since then, it has grown into one of the country’s largest and most well-known wholesalers, selling thousands of products per month to an ever-growing network of pharmacies. Adopting a patient-first philosophy, BHC’s business is built on core values of safety, affordability and reliability.

BHC partners with both domestic and international suppliers to offer pharmacies and their patients the widest range of products available in Australia. This provides a one-stop solution for all ordering and distribution needs.

QLD, Australia

SunCo Green

Established in 2020, SunCo Green was formed to address the need for patient access to plant-based therapy, in addition to providing health professionals with product and industry information and guidance. SunCo Green’s mission is to build a locally owned and operated business in a socially and environmentally responsible way that will be embedded in the Australian community for years to come.

Based in Queensland's Sunshine Coast with an additional facility in South Australia, the company offers an array of products for prescription and pharmacy customers. SunCo Green maintains that the path to success is through its partnerships with clinical, academic and key industry players. Aiming to provide a high-quality product, SunCo Green’s range is designed to be adaptable to the changing needs of its patients as the experience of its prescribers expands.

QLD, Australia

Cannim (Brand Name: Lumir)

Cannim is a global company that was founded in 2017 that provides GACP and GMP-certified medical solutions with an aim to deliver better health outcomes for patients worldwide. The business is built on three core pillars of safety, science, and scale, underpinning its sustainable approach to building a global market share and establishing world-leading brands.

Since its inception, Cannim have invested in farms in Australia and Jamaica and have built a network of GMP manufacturers and alliances in education and healthcare. Cannim continues to scale its operations, enabling the ability to meet the needs of the ever-growing body of users. Pioneering industry development and leading research and education, Cannim is creating new ways of administration for patients, ensuring those in need have access to what they may require.

NSW, Australia

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SatiVite Pty Ltd

SatiVite combines decades of sustainable agricultural knowledge, and international business experience to bring Medical Professionals in Australia high quality products. All founders of SatiVite hold formal qualifications in agriculture and have in-depth and hands-on experience.

QLD, Australia

Gamma Biomedical

A multinational organisation headquartered in Australia, Gamma Biomedical was founded in 2014 to improve access to products and services that weren’t previously available to Australian healthcare providers. The company holds various medical wholesale licenses covering a broad spectrum of scheduled medicines in Australia. Extensive experience with international health regulations and logistics ensures governmental compliance and seamless supply chains.

In 2018, Gamma Biomedical entered a joint venture with a US-based company, Isospec, to create a range of products. Developed in collaboration with athletes, physicians and scientists. From seed to final finished product, control is ensured at every stage of the process enabling constant improvement and innovation. Manufacturing under stringent GMP controls helps guarantee a quality therapeutic product for healthcare professionals.

QLD, Australia

Cymra Life Sciences

Cymra Life Sciences is an Australian-owned cultivator and manufacturer located in Byron Bay, NSW. Established in 2017, its founders set out to improve the lives of patients through high-quality GMP medicines grown and manufactured in Australia. In addition, Cymra Life Sciences is on a mission to provide evidence that supports alternative medicine as a replacement for opiates.

NSW, Australia

Aruma Labs

Located in Barangaroo, NSW, Aruma Labs is a fully licensed Australian life sciences company that provides medical products for people living with chronic illness. Driven by a passion for helping others, quality patient care is at the forefront of the company’s priorities. It continuously seeks to develop products and solutions that support positive health outcomes and treat unmet medical needs.

The company develops, produces and distributes high-quality therapeutics that are manufactured to GMP standards. Each product passes through rigorous quality assurance assessments, including independent, third-party testing to meet strict Australian pharmaceutical standards. Aruma Labs also provide education and tools for healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate treatment plans for patients with chronic health conditions.

NSW, Australia

Bloom Pharms

Since launching in 2018, Bloom Pharms has had one simple goal – to create high-quality products. Its aim is to revolutionise health by empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing. By leading the way forward in education and product quality, Bloom Pharms hope to remove the stigma by educating people on alternative health options.

From seed to shelf, the company seeks to always maintain ethical practices. Bloom Pharms values where its products come from, as well as how they are farmed and processed. In an effort towards encouraging holistic land management and regenerative agriculture, it also actively supports certified organic and biodynamic farms. 

NSW, Australia


As an Australian cultivator, producer, manufacturer, exporter and researcher of quality plant-based therapies, Medibis is committed to delivering high-quality medicines to patients. With a passion for providing patients with the best medicine made from plants, it is focused on delivering treatment solutions without the use of any nasty chemicals. Medibis is committed to providing scientific, evidence-based solutions through research and development to support new global treatment methods and quality of life standards.

Through research initiatives, Medibis is focused on uncovering insights into phytocannabinoid therapies and the endocannabinoid system. This research, combined with cutting-edge technologies helps it deliver end-to-end solutions for clinicians and patients. With innovation to help progress adjunct and disruptive treatment, Medibis is dedicated to revolutionising healthcare and transforming quality of life standards for Australian patients.

QLD, Australia


Phytoca is an international distributor of world-class medical products. Working in conjunction with its family business based in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Czech Republic, the company has over 35 years of experience pioneering research in genetics.

The company’s mission is to improve the lives of Australian patients by focusing on developing unique products containing rich profiles extracted from whole plants. Phytoca aims to showcase the full therapeutic potential of its products to Australian medical practitioners.

VIC, Australia

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Tasmanian Botanics

Tasmanian Botanics is a Tasmanian-based medicinal company that produces high-quality products. Its vision is to develop a world leading research, cultivation and manufacturing pharmaceutical facility, utilising global best practices to improve the health and wellbeing of patients. All growing and manufacturing activities are undertaken at Tasmanian Botanics’ TGA-accredited GMP facility located just outside of Hobart.

The company produces a comprehensive range of products with various strengths, combinations and formats and is committed to providing an evidence-based approach to the efficacy and safety of its products. Building on the GMP pharmaceutical experience and skills of its technical team, Tasmanian Botanics aims to continue expanding its range to include capsules and tablets, as well as innovative delivery methods. A sustainable growing operation uses renewable energies and natural alternatives to harsh chemicals and pesticides for optimal growth.

TAS, Australia

Heyday Medical

Heyday is a 100% Australian owned, doctor-led company that focuses on developing medicines that are good for both patients and for the planet. Each of Heyday’s products are sustainably grown under the Australian sun, produced with organic compost in living soil on farms based in Victoria. With flower and oil products available for doctors to prescribe, all Heyday products are GMP certified and tested to the highest quality standards.

The company has a ‘true to plant’ approach, with a belief that the whole of the plant should be utilised for its therapeutic potential to achieve quality and complexity in all their products. To do this, Heyday is committed to carefully selecting strains based on their profiles. Heyday specialises in producing unique product formulations that utilise lesser-known compounds rarely used on the Australian market, developing strains that are optimized for specific conditions and treatments.

VIC, Australia

Medical Cannabis Australia (MCA)

Medical Cannabis Australia (MCA) was founded in 2018 and aims to help eligible patients in Australia and around the world benefit from a better quality of life. With two locations in regional Australia, MCA is licensed for research, manufacturing and cultivation of plant-based medicine.

MCA's product range has been carefully selected to meet the strict regulatory standard in Australia. MCA is committed to providing the world's best quality plant-based therapies, contribute to high-quality research across a broad range of conditions and diseases, and delivering a premium experience globally.

NSW, Australia


Canntic Group provides high-quality plant-based therapies to Australians. The Canntic Group was established in 2022 with the aim to develop the Australian plant-based medicine industry.

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, the Canntic Group is active in their approach to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. All Canntic Group products are available for doctors to prescribe and are made to the highest quality, being GMP and GACP certified. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Canntic endeavors to support Australian businesses to support and nurture the development of plant-based medicine in Australia.

QLD, Australia


Founded in 2018, Entoura is an Australian healthcare company that specialises in high-quality alternative medicine products. With a focus on innovation and exceptional standards, Entoura develops cutting-edge therapeutics supported by robust research programs and clinical evidence.

In addition to this, the company actively supports plant-based medical research, education, manufacturing, and patient access. Entoura provides guidance to healthcare practitioners and prioritises the unique needs of Australia's veteran community. Through their commitment to quality and patient well-being, Entoura is revolutionising healthcare practices in the plant-based medicine industry.

QLD, Australia


Lyphe Australia is a patient-centered plant medicine company. With the mission to enable patient access to plant-based therapies wherever there is need, the Company aims to be a part of a world where there is wider acceptance of alternative therapies, among health care practitioners, patients and regulators.

Lyphe Australia has two brands, Aelleve and Wild Flower. Aelleve is designed to provide a simple range of products that are cost-effective for both community GPs and clinics as an option for patients. Their range includes a streamlined range of Australian manufactured plant medicine extracts, alongside a selection of quality Canadian dried flower product. Wild Flower has an extensive range of carefully curated and premium products. Their products are selected based on cultivator best practice, finished product quality and terpene content.

VIC, Australia


Founded in 2022, Alma is dedicated to making alternative therapies more accessible for eligible patients. The Company utilises cutting-edge cultivation facilities, the latest genetic research and development to create consistent products to meet the diverse needs of each patient.

Alma is committed to innovation, ensuring to continually improve processes, quality and patient care. Alma works closely with breeders and clinical trial data, cultivating products that are designed to offer a variety of targeted profiles for diverse needs.

QLD, Australia

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Since their establishment in 2017, Medigrowth has been driven by a deep passion to improve the quality of life for Australian patients. The Company is dedicated to advancing real world data and clinical trial initiatives in plant-based therapies, partnering with University and Government groups, and is committed to inspiring, innovating and exceeding.

The Company supplies pharmaceutical grade GMP products, including Australian-made Medigrowth and Haiiku products. Medigrowth is fully licensed by the federal Office of Drug Control for plant medicine cultivation, manufacturing and research.

VIC, Australia