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Elevate your smoking cessation support

With the recent TGA reform changes, the demand for medically prescribed smoking cessation products is expected to increase.

Our free-to-use online platform simplifies the process, so you can provide these essential products to your patients effortlessly.

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Comprehensive selection

Explore Canview’s range of smoking cessation products to meet the rising demand. These products have everything you need to support your patients on their smoking cessation journey.

We currently stock compliant products from reputable suppliers including From the Fields, Elevated Extracts and Bay Pharma.

Smoking cessation education

Understanding how to assist your patients on their journey to quit smoking is essential. Visit our Education Hub for clinical resources to upskill yourself in the fundamentals of smoking cessation.

Resources include a video library and downloads about:

  • The physiological & behavioural side of smoking cessation
  • Why become a prescriber for smoking cessation
  • Prescribing a smoking cessation treatment plan
  • Dispensing vapes for smoking cessation
  • Navigating conversations with experienced vapers

We’re here to help

Getting familiar with new technology can be daunting. Our team are here to support you every step of the way with ongoing training and support.

The demand for smoking cessation products is rising – is your pharmacy ready?


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Smoking cessation FAQs

How do I order smoking cessation products through Canview?

To order smoking cessation products, log in to your Canview account, click on “Catalogue” and then click on the “Nicotine Products” tab. The wholesale price (ex GST) will be for product packs (usually containing 5-10 units per pack). The recommended retail price (inc GST, if applicable) is for a single unit.

Can I order stock without a prescription or approval?

Yes, smoking cessation products can be stocked on shelf at pharmacy without the requirement of a script or approval.

Therefore, pharmacies can conveniently keep stock on hand for patients entering with a script and immediately dispense.

“Zero strength” products that can be sold only at pharmacy are also available in the catalogue that can be sold without a script.

Do I need an AP approval?

As of 1 January 2024, an approved prescriber status is not required to prescribe a smoking cessation product.

As part of the government reforms, a new SAS-C pathway will be implemented to enable medical practitioners and nurse practitioners to prescribe therapeutic vapes, where clinically appropriate.

Can I advertise in my pharmacy?

The advertising of therapeutic goods, including smoking cessation products, is generally prohibited in Australia. Some states and territories also restrict the promotion of nicotine vaping devices.

However, some states and territories allow pharmacists to notify patients in a specified manner if they supply nicotine vaping devices.

Check with local state health departments to determine applicable laws.

What changed on 1 January 2024?

The 1st of January 2024 signified the first stage of reform to create a truly medical pathway for access to smoking cessation products.

From 1 January 2024, the Government will progress a ban on the importation of disposable single use products, both therapeutic and non-therapeutic.

Enhancing drug control, the government is implementing the requirement for importers of therapeutic smoking cessation products to obtain a licence and permit from the Office of Drug Control.

Parallel to this, a new SAS pathway will be commenced to enable medical practitioners and nurse practitioners to prescribe therapeutic vapes, where clinically appropriate.

This pathway will facilitate improved patient access to therapeutic vapes, without requiring pre-approval or authority from the TGA.

To read more, click here.

What changed on 1 March 2024?

The 1st of March 2024 brought a ban on the importation of all non-therapeutic products and an end to the personal importation scheme.

Are there any minimum order quantities? 

Supply of smoking cessation products will be subject to no restrictions in order quantities.

Cartons will be the smallest ordering item and typically contains 5-10 units. This reflects a patient’s requirement for replenishing of product.

Canview will outline each of the Supplier’s packaging and order requirements.

Who can I refer my patients to for a script?

Prior to 1 January 2024, an Authorised Prescriber is required for prescribing smoking cessation products.

After 1 January 2024, patients can obtain a script from their GP or Nurse Practitioner as they would other allowable Schedule 4 medications.

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