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Beacon Medical

Beacon Medical Australia (Beacon Medical) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian TSX-listed company, Medipharm Labs, which has been growing, extracting, and selling pharmaceutical-grade products since 2014. Medipharm labs hold four manufacturing licenses granted in Canada as well as GMP Manufacturing license from the TGA. Beacon Medical is a conduit for bringing the parent company’s knowledge, care and compassion to Australian patients.

A name fit for purpose, Beacon Medical aims to be a guiding light for patients. Its indoor, small batch GMP production facilities produce consistent products and a set of stringent quality assurance processes that set the bar for quality and compliance in production. Beacon Medical’s operations house some of the most technologically advanced indoor growing facilities in the world, enabling the company complete control over the environment and consistency of strains produced. Beacon Medical now has access to Medipharm Labs state of the art GMP extraction facilities allowing it to now formulate extracts and inhalation cartridges using the starting material of Beacons well-known brands.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Headquarters located: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Supporting healthcare professionals

Beacon Medical recognises the complexities of prescribing and treating patients with alternative therapies. Their goal is to assist in expanding knowledge on alternative medicines and they strive to provide insights into how these therapies can complement a holistic treatment approach and work with other therapeutic approaches.

  • Healthcare professionals globally rely on Beacon Medical for producing industry leading alternative therapeutics, crafted from premium natural ingredients.
  • They collaborate closely with practitioners to ensure optimal support for their practices and patients. Eliminating technical jargon, they facilitate understanding of how alternative therapies can integrate into patients’ wellness and treatment plans.

Opening the door to alternative medicines

Comprehensive product range

Beacon Medical offers a variety of plant-based medicine tailored to address different medical conditions

Expert guidance

Their team of professionals provides guidance on plant-based medicine prescribing, dosing, and monitoring

Patient centric approach

Beacon Medical prioritises patient safety and well-being, ensuring personalised solutions

With Beacon Medical supplying exclusively to Canview, we can empower healthcare providers, enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

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