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CanView offers Pharmacists an all in one solution for ordering and fulfilling Medical Cannabis prescriptions

CanView takes away the need to set up multiple accounts and order from different suppliers around the country, and streamlines the manual paperwork normally required for compliance.

Safety, reliability, and affordability are the centre of CanView’s core values. We implement a rigorous due diligence process with all of our partners. This ensures that pharmacists will have the confidence that quality care is provided right throughout the dispensing process.

Finding and ordering Medical Cannabis can be time and paperwork intensive

  • Currently, Pharmacists need to order from multiple suppliers around Australia with separate accounts and processes
  • There is a lack of transparency around product pricing, availability and shipping
  • Confusing paperwork and Government compliance requirements
  • A lack of simple to understand education resources and tools for both doctors and patients
  • A new industry with evolving legislation

CanView Streamlines the Medical Cannabis Ordering Process

The CanView Product Offering Includes:

  • Finished Products from local and international producers
  • Custom Compounded Products
  • Bulk, raw API for all compounding and manufacturing needs
  • Medical Cannabis Accessories and complimentary supplements

CanView stocks products from our following brand partners: