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Canview's Confident Dispensing Course

Build your confidence in dispensing natural therapeutics

Enhance your dispensing with our Confident Dispensing Course, designed to prepare you for questions from your natural therapeutic patients, and empower you to provide meaningful counselling and excellent customer service.

Learn the practical skills on how to dispense natural therapeutics from your pharmacy, including how to prepare your pharmacy, grow your business, stay compliant and best practices for your daily operations.

The skills you will learn in our course are:

How to prepare for natural therapy dispensing

  • How to prepare your pharmacy
  • Feasibility and costs
  • Staffing
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Security, space and storage
  • Prepare with Canview

How to operate your natural therapy business

  • How to fill a natural therapeutic prescription
  • MB vs MAP Numbers
  • How Canview works
  • Managing prescriptions
  • Managing pricing
  • Communicating with patients

How to stay compliant

  • Natural therapy access pathways
  • Overview of state by state legislation
  • Product considerations
  • Advertising restrictions

How to build your natural therapy business

  • How to build your reputation as a natural therapeutic dispenser
  • How to dispense in volume
  • How Canview can help you grow your business
  • The future of natural therapy in Australia
2 hours of online content
4 detailed modules
Eligible to submit for self directed learning
Designed for both auditory and visual learning
Easy and engaging learning tools and resources provided
End of module quizzes to emphasise learnings

By enrolling in the Canview Confident Dispensing Course you will gain a dual login to the Canview platform. You can access our full range of resources and educational tools, plus view and order the widest range of products in Australia.

NOTE: If you are already registered with Canview, you can log in to access this course through the education tab in the main menu.

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