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CanView Services

CanView offers pharmacies a streamlined way to order and dispense medical cannabis

By registering with the CanView Medical Cannabis Marketplace, pharmacists can leverage Australia’s largest medical cannabis distribution platform. CanView offers a simple ordering process where pharmacies can use one account to buy from multiple suppliers and have their order express shipped for free. This allows for better dispensing margins for pharmacies as well as removing any extra shipping costs to the patient.

CanView’s continued mission is to ensure that pharmacists have the simplest and most cost-effective medical marijuana dispensing process in Australia.

Through the CanView Education portal, both doctors and pharmacists can enrol for free in our medical cannabis online course to further upskill and provide the best service possible to patients.

CanView also serves all medical practitioners who are either already prescribing medical cannabis, or are looking to learn how to do so in a confident manner. Doctors are able to search the widest range of medical cannabis products in the country by matched conditions, see product-specific dosing guides and have access to all product pricing.