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BHC’s Canview serves prescribers who are already prescribing plant-based medicine, as well as those looking to learn how to do so in a confident manner. Medical practitioners who currently prescribe alternative medicine can search and order from the widest range of products in Australia.

Practitioners can access product-specific dosing guides and product pricing as well. Register below as a medical practitioner to start prescribing plant-based medicine.

Learn about plant-based medicine

Through the Canview online education portal, both prescribers and pharmacists can enrol for free in our Confident Prescriber Course to upskill and provide the best service possible to patients in the area of plant-based medicine. By enrolling in the course, you will also gain access to the Canview platform and can order from our wide range of medicinal products online.

In addition to our Confident Prescriber Course, we have educational videos, webinars and medical science liaisons, all accessible to registered prescribers and pharmacists. We even have clinical resources available too.

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Canview is the ultimate all-in-one solution for prescribers and pharmacists, whether you are looking to prescribe, order or learn about plant-based medicine. We have a strong vision for collaboration in providing a free-to-use, streamlined and compliant platform. If you need, please access our support or see our FAQs for assistance.

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