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Canview's Confident Prescriber Course

Build your confidence in understanding and prescribing plant-based medicine

Led by the research, data, and experience of Australia’s expert prescribers and specialist nurses, the Confident Prescriber Course has been designed specifically for healthcare professionals interested in furthering their education and skillset in alternative medicine.

Our training course is suitable for prescribers who have limited knowledge and want to start prescribing alternative medicine, as well as more advanced medical practitioners who are looking for further training to improve their prescribing knowledge and efficiencies.

By undertaking this course, you will gain all the knowledge and tools required to start consulting with your patients and recommending suitable products for their needs. Learn about eligibility, government requirements, products and dosing that will enable you to make informed decisions for your patients.

The skills you will learn in our course are:

Understand the history and biochemistry of plant-based medicine

Gain an understanding of how the ECS works in the human body.

  • Summarise the discovery of the ECS
  • Outline the key components of the ECS
  • Describe the basic functions of the ECS
  • Explain the ECS role in cellular communication

Advanced knowledge on different chemical reactions

Become familiar with different cannabinoids and the relationship they play together.

  • Describe the phytocannabinoids used in plant-based therapy
  • Outline the phytocannabinoids’ role in ECS
  • Name the therapeutic properties of Plant-based therapy
  • Indicate potential side effects and adverse effects

Learn about interactions with other medicines

Recognise and prescribe the correct products for an individual patients treatment plan.

  • Explain the difference of absorption and metabolism between different administration techniques
  • Describe the major metabolic pathways
  • Recognise interactions with other medications

Choose the correct treatment plan with products and dosages for different conditions

Become familiar with product forms, concentrations and administration to prescribe the best products for your patients.

  • Describe the indications for the use of plant-based therapy
  • Outline the condition pathways
  • Identify the dosing guidelines

Become efficient with the prescription process

Gain proficiency in how to submit different applications and approvals from the government.

  • Outline the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) SAS application
  • Describe the prescription process
  • Identify the practical aspects of prescribing

Learn from real life case studies

Real-world examples with proven data to build your confidence in prescribing alternative medicine.

  • Describe the titration requirements of certain cases
  • Outline the general dosing of common conditions
  • Identify the dosing requirements of specific conditions
2.5 hours of online content
6 detailed modules
Eligible to submit for self directed learning
Designed for both auditory and visual learning
Easy and engaging learning tools and resources provided
End of module quizzes to emphasise learnings

By enrolling in the Canview Confident Prescriber Course you will gain a dual login to the Canview platform. As a registered prescriber on Canview, you can access our full range of resources and educational tools, plus view the widest range of products in Australia.

NOTE: If you are already registered with Canview, you can log in to access this course through the education tab in the main menu.