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The symbolic journey of the redesigned Canview logo

Canview was established with a vision to revolutionise healthcare landscape in Australia. Fast forward to today, and Canview has become a prominent player, making waves in the industry. As we celebrate this journey, we are thrilled to introduce a brand new logo that symbolises the essence of our growth, innovation, and commitment to healthcare.

A glimpse into the past

The journey began in 2016, culminating in a groundbreaking crowdfunding project undertaken by CDA Health in 2019. By 2020, the online ordering platform Canview was launched, receiving recognition as Service of the Year from market leaders.

Significant milestones in 2021 included a merger with Cronos Australia (now Vitura Health Limited), propelling Canview into the ASX-listed realm. Skip to 2022, Canview helped support over 40,000 patients – with one million units supplied to over 3,000 pharmacies across Australia. The success continued into 2023, with Canview celebrating two million units sold, a testament to the trust of healthcare professionals nationwide.

As we entered 2024 and the upward trajectory continued; it was also time for change. The redesigned logo represents a departure from the traditional magnifying glass focused on just one medical product, embracing a fresh approach that symbolises the seamless journey of the Canview ecosystem and the expansion into other emerging therapeutics.

Here, we explore the narrative behind the redesigned logo, capturing the spirit of progress and innovation.

A collaborative journey

Recognising the significance of this process, we engaged Brandwell, one of Australia’s top branding agencies, who actively sought feedback to bring our logo to life. This collaborative effort ensured that the redesigned Canview logo authentically resonates with its audience, fostering meaningful connections and engagement.

Detail meets simplicity

In pursuit of widespread recognition, the redesigned Canview logo maintains a clean and simple aesthetic. Unnecessary details have been left out for visual appeal, especially at smaller sizes. This ensures that the logo remains effective and adaptable in different contexts.

The circular canvas

At the heart of the redesigned Canview logo lies a circular canvas, representing continuity and completeness. Encircling the central space is a subtle, continuous loop. This design element communicates a seamless journey of the Canview ecosystem, portraying the cyclical nature of achievement.

This foundational shape serves as the backdrop for a visual representation of an ongoing journey, inviting users to embark on a cycle of growth and success.

Upward innovation

Ascending from the core is an upward-pointing arrow, symbolising improvement and innovation. This feature inspires users to reach new heights in their endeavours, emphasising progress and growth. The upward direction aligns with the user’s aspirations and fuels their journey toward success.

Expressing values through colour

A carefully selected colour palette for the redesigned Canview logo not only enhances its visual identity but also contributes to an improved user experience, fostering accessibility and ease of engagement for our users and patients. Professionalism, trust and innovation are communicated through the chosen colours, establishing a connection with the brand and resonating with users’ expectations.

Evolution of a brand

With each milestone, Canview has evolved and our visual identity is no exception. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our refreshed logo, a symbol of our transformative journey. The new look goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies our relentless pursuit of innovation and upward growth. As we embrace change, our brand remains a beacon of trust and reliability; committed to providing a healthcare ecosystem that empowers every prescription.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our people, partners, patients, pharmacists and doctors who have been pivotal in shaping Canview’s journey. Together, we have navigated challenges, celebrated victories and contributed to the positive impact on countless lives.

Come with us as we embark on this exciting milestone, continuing to evolve, adapt and shape the future together. The refreshed Canview is more than a brand; it’s a symbol of resilience, progress and a commitment to redefining healthcare for generations to come.