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Grow with Canview: Elevate your practice and enhance patient care

The Canview ecosystem connects patients, prescribers, pharmacies and suppliers, offering a wide range of benefits designed to enhance operational efficiency and patient care. For prescribers, joining this ecosystem provides access to a knowledgeable pharmacy network, comprehensive resources and a broad supplier range. Prescribers can elevate their practice and ensure continuity of care for their patients.

For prescribers: enhance treatment options and efficiency

For prescribers aiming to broaden their treatment options and streamline their practice, the Canview ecosystem offers a range of advantages that support patient care and operational effectiveness. Here are some key benefits:

Diverse product range

Prescribers within the Canview network have access to a diverse range of alternative therapies. This variety allows for more tailored treatment plans that can better meet the unique needs of each patient, improving overall outcomes and satisfaction.

Strong pharmacy relationships

Collaborating with pharmacies that share a commitment to high-quality care enhances the continuity of care for patients. By connecting with knowledgeable dispensers aligned on alternative medicine, patients experience better health management and improved results.

Pharmacy relationships

Patient app benefits

The patient app is a convenient way to maintain organised and transparent care. It allows prescribers to monitor patient progress, manage prescriptions and communicate effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient care experience.

Prescriptions Tab-Prescriber

Simplified administrative processes

Prescribers can enjoy reduced administrative tasks as the Canview platform simplifies compliance with TGA regulations, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

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Education resources

Prescribers can benefit greatly from the Canview Education Hub, which provides access to the latest advancements and resources in alternative therapy. The Confident Prescribing Course is a comprehensive program that equips healthcare professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to confidently navigate the complexities of the alternative therapy landscape.

The video library includes key opinion leader webinars led by renowned experts and provides a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. The clinical resources offer practical knowledge for prescribers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver tailored, effective treatments, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Prescriber Edu Hub

Continuous support

With support each step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing troubleshooting, the Canview customer success team is dedicated to helping prescribers make the most of the Canview ecosystem with ease and confidence.

Enhancing healthcare through collaboration

The Canview ecosystem is designed to foster growth and collaboration. As pharmacies and prescribers join forces, they can collectively improve patient outcomes, optimise operations and expand their services. By becoming integral members of this national network, prescribers can achieve greater efficiency and make a significant impact on the way they deliver healthcare.