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Australia’s new smoking cessation regulations: what this means for healthcare providers

Australia’s smoking cessation landscape is undergoing significant changes. The government’s proactive stance aims to address health concerns while maintaining accessibility to therapeutic products for smoking cessation. This means significant changes are on the way for prescribers, pharmacists and healthcare providers, ensuring quality patient care.

An overview of the changing regulations

Australia continues to tighten regulations to address escalating health concerns surrounding recreational vaping products. Since 1 January 2024, measures have included bans on disposable product imports and the facilitation of streamlined pathways for therapeutic smoking cessation prescriptions by healthcare providers. 

Further regulations, effective from 1 March 2024, will ban the importation of all non-therapeutic products and end the personal importation scheme. 

These changes highlight Australia’s commitment to tightening regulations, underscoring the need for healthcare professionals to understand and adapt to evolving standards. Crucially, these reforms aim to strike a balance between safeguarding public health and ensuring continued access to therapeutic products for smoking cessation. 

To read the updated regulations in full, click here. 

Let’s dive into how these reforms will impact healthcare professionals navigating these evolving regulations. 

Moving from the black market to compliant smoking cessation products

With an estimated 450,000 people expected to change from illegal to legal channels, healthcare professionals anticipate up to one million additional GP consultations for prescriptions of smoking cessation products within the coming year (source). 

Consequently, this will likely lead to an increase in supply of smoking cessation products through pharmacies, providing options for those seeking support.

To make this easier, prescribers will experience a streamlined process for prescribing therapeutic products for smoking cessation. The new pathway eliminates the need for TGA pre-approval, reducing administrative burdens and facilitating timely access to treatment for patients.

Patient education and support

With these regulatory changes, healthcare professionals will play a pivotal role in educating patients about the evolving landscape of smoking cessation regulations. Clear communication regarding the availability of therapeutic products, changes in importation rules, and alternatives for smoking cessation will empower patients to make informed decisions about their health. 

With the new pathways for prescribing therapeutic products and the emphasis on compliance with updated standards, prescribers and pharmacists play a crucial role in supporting individuals in smoking cessation. 

For healthcare professionals seeking therapeutic products to support their patients, Canview has introduced a new product category with prescription-only smoking cessation products. 

For more information about the upcoming changes and how this affects your pharmacy or practice, read our blog on the Smoking Cessation Frequently Asked Questions.