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filter feature

As healthcare evolves and the number of patients seeking alternative treatment options grows, pharmacists and prescribers face the task of navigating through an abundance of medication options. To streamline this process for healthcare professionals and provide best outcomes for patients, the Canview filter feature was created to assist prescribers in finding the optimal medications.

To find it, simply navigate to the ‘burger’ in the top right corner on the Catalogue page and click for the filter to appear.

Filter feature

Filters available

When prescribing plant-based medications, prescribers can filter based on conditions, effects, TGA category, TGA dosage form, strain type, terpenes, price and brand.

filter feature

A closer look at condition-based filtering

With the Canview filter feature, prescribers can effortlessly narrow down their options based on the specific conditions presented, ensuring that the prescribed medication addresses the patient’s primary concerns effectively.

What sets the Canview filter feature apart is its inclusivity. With over 30 conditions included in the filter criteria, healthcare professionals have access to a comprehensive data base that caters to diverse patient needs. The Canview filter features ensures that no patient is left behind, allowing prescribers and pharmacists to deliver personalised care with precision and confidence.

Tailoring treatment using effects-based filtering

By focusing on specific medicinal effects, healthcare professionals can tailor their recommendations to address the unique needs of each patient.

Whether it’s alleviating nausea, stimulating appetite, managing chronic pain and more, the effects filter empowers prescribers to select medications that not only target symptoms but also promote overall wellbeing, fostering a personalised approach to healthcare.

Understanding the TGA categories and dosages

The TGA category filter contains five categories with various active molecule contents that prescribers need to be familiar with. Having the ability to filter medications based on these categories allows prescribers to see at a glance the type and content of active molecules that are present in the medications. For example, if a patient wishes to continue to drive while taking the medication, the appropriate medications can be filtered and selected.

Additionally, the TGA dosage form filter allows prescribers to select the preferred delivery method of the medication, catering to the patient’s preferences for administration.

Navigating through the abundance of choice with ease

Moreover, the ability to filter medications based on strain type, terpenes, price and brand adds another layer of customisation, enabling healthcare professionals to fine-tune their recommendations according to individual preferences and sensitivities. This level of granularity ensures that patients receive medications that not only manage their symptoms but also align with their budget, lifestyle and holistic wellbeing.

Leveraging the Canview filter feature for informed support

The benefits of the Canview filter feature extend beyond just saving time. For pharmacists, who serve as crucial intermediaries between patients and medications, this tool proves invaluable. While pharmacists may not be able to order products without a prescription, having access to comprehensive information via the Canview filter feature empowers them to assist patients more effectively. Whether it’s providing alternative options when a patient’s preferred medication is out of stock or offering insights into different brands and formulations, pharmacists can enhance patient care by leveraging this innovative feature.

Harnessing technology for better healthcare outcomes

In a world where information overload is a common challenge, the Canview filter feature emerges as a useful tool in the realm of plant-based medication. By simplifying the process of medication selection and empowering healthcare professionals with tailored solutions, the filter feature supports a new era of patient-centric care.