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Medical cannabis pharmacist processing medical cannabis prescription

The Canview 2.0 upgrade is now live for pharmacists!

Exciting changes have come to the Canview platform to further streamline the alternative medicine prescription and dispensing process.

With a brand new look and a range of intuitive new features, Canview 2.0 is designed to make ordering easier and faster for pharmacists, improve the prescribing process and help patients better navigate and track their treatment journey.

In September 2022, the first phase of the launch was rolled out with new updates to the pharmacy platform, which will improve the dispensing process for the thousands of Australian pharmacies already filling plant-based medicine scripts with Canview.

What is Canview 2.0?

Canview 2.0 is an intuitive new system with a brand new look that can integrate with pharmacy dispensing and clinical software to streamline plant-based medicine prescriptions for pharmacists, prescribers and patients.

The new upgrade will help cater to the growing number of alternative medicine prescriptions in Australia, bringing pharmacists, prescribers and patients together in one streamlined platform.

The platform upgrades will be rolled out in three different phases, with the pharmacy software being updated first.

Phase 1: Upgrade to pharmacy platform

Close up of pharmacist hands processing medical cannabis product for customer on a keyboard

On Tuesday 6 September 2022, the first phase of the upgrade to Canview 2.0 was launched for pharmacies. If you’re a pharmacy dispensing alternative medicine with Canview, here’s what you can expect with the updated system:

Increased functionality

  • New product catalogue for easier and quicker orders
  • Auto-matching functionality for products & dosage forms based on TGA approvals
  • Integrations with dispensing software for streamlined ordering
  • Receive prescriptions & approvals direct from prescribing doctors

Simplified ordering

  • Reduce double handling with further simplification of the ordering process
  • Order history, approvals and tracking linked with patient profiles for better management
  • Electronic submission of Goods Received Acknowledgements

Improved visibility & accuracy

  • Live and transparent stock levels so you can check availability before ordering & dispensing
  • Document auto-recognition for improved order accuracy & increased dispatch efficiencies
  • Electronic prescription capabilities
  • Automation of MB/MAP storage
  • Built-in compliance features

After the automatic upgrade, pharmacy account details and credentials will still be available, including current orders, historic orders and approval documents. Registered pharmacists on Canview will receive emails with more information on the key changes and links to how-to videos for digital walkthroughs of the platform updates.

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Phase 2: Upgrade to the prescriber platform

Medicinal cannabis doctor processing information on the CanView platform for prescribing cbd products

Following the updates to the pharmacy platform, Canview 2.0 will also be rolled out for prescribers.

Some of the new features doctors can expect with Canview 2.0 include:

  • New automated system that will allow E-prescriptions and TGA approvals to be sent directly from the prescriber to the pharmacy
  • Integrations with practice management software to improve and streamline prescribing processes
  • The functionality to generate and manage prescriptions directly through Canview
  • The ability to view up-to-date stock levels during consultations to prescribe in-stock products
  • The ability to keep TGA approval documentation in one place and easily send approvals direct to pharmacy alongside electronic prescriptions

Both prescribers and pharmacists can guarantee that their patients’ personal data is safe with them. We are committed to collecting data securely, with anonymised personal patient information that is not shared.

Phase 3: Canview 2.0 patient app

Eligible medical marijuana patient viewing the CanView app

The final phase of the Canview 2.0 upgrade will include a new app released to eligible plant-based therapy patients which will allow for easy tracking of their treatment journey.

The new app will help patients navigate the alternative medicine prescription process by allowing them to do the following:

  • Connect with plant-based medicine prescribers
  • Receive, track and manage their prescriptions
  • Receive order delivery notifications through the mobile app and via SMS
  • Easily order repeats direct from the pharmacy

Please note, the Canview app will only be available to eligible patients with a plant-based medicine prescription who have been approved by the TGA. For information on alternative medicine access for consumers, visit the TGA website.



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Canview does not endorse the use of plant-based therapy without lawful prescription. Just like any medicine, plant-based medicine may have both positive and negative side effects on the user and should only be prescribed to patients by a health professional with the authority and expertise to do so. The information provided by Canview is for informational and educational purposes and is of a general nature. Patients considering plant-based treatments are advised to speak to their general practitioner first to see if it’s a suitable therapy.