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CDA Patient Access

CanView allows CDA Clinic patients to view and compare products in order to make more informed health decisions with their doctor

CanView is all about putting patients first. We believe the first part of that is giving back control, so that you, as a patient can have a voice about what products you think are right for you, and where you get them from.

CanView is only available to patients who are active medical cannabis patients of CDA Clinics. By registering below, patients are able to make more informed and transparent healthcare decisions alongside their doctor.

Once you are verified with CanView you will be able to view and compare the widest range of legal Medical Cannabis products available in Australia. It allows you to make more educated and knowledgeable choices about your health through our in-depth product profiles, transparent pricing, and resources section.

NOTE: For non-CDA patients who want to view products during their consult, please request that your normal doctor registers on CanView with their details so they are able to show you through at that time. 

How It Works

If you are a CDA Clinics patient who has an upcoming consultation please register below.

Your registration will be verified by our team after the consult with your doctor and you will be sent an email to notify you of your username and the CanView login link.

If you are not currently a CDA Clinics patient and would like to view the CanView product range, please click here to visit the CDA Clinics website in order to start your treatment journey.

We stock products from our following brand partners: