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Medical Cannabis

Equip your practice with the tools to provide premium plant-based care to your patients. From leading education to step-by-step prescribing, CanView removes cumbersome admin and gives you more time back in your day.

Prescribe medical cannabis, seamlessly

  • Use standalone or connect to a PMS
  • Filter products based on conditions, effects & terpenes
  • Write & manage patient prescriptions faster
  • Streamlined DVA scripting
  • Automated TGA approvals & reporting
  • Approvals & scripts sent directly to pharmacies

Focus on your patients, not admin

Manage patient approvals and authorisations more efficiently with automated TGA lodgements and the ability to match correct approvals to scripts. We calculate all your six-monthly TGA reporting data in real time, so you don’t have to.

Access Australia’s largest product range

Not sure what treatments to prescribe? Access over 250 products from our digital catalogue. Search for products based on conditions with complete dosing and titration guides, and see in-depth product information, prices and real-time stock levels.

Advance your skills with leading education

Seeking to upskill your knowledge? Want to learn more about medical cannabis efficacy and how to navigate a complicated regulatory landscape? CanView’s education hub provides you with the most up-to-date knowledge, products and tools to assist with prescribing your patients.

Gain exclusive access to:

  • The confident prescribing course
  • The confident dispensing course
  • CPD-accredited videos and webinars
  • Clinical resource library

We’re here to help

Getting familiar with new technology can be daunting. Our team are here to support you every step of the way with ongoing training and support.

Prescribe with confidence

Join thousands of Australian doctors providing revolutionary patient care with medical cannabis today.

Compliance & security

Data security is imperative to us. Prescriber and patient data is protected by ensuring confidentiality and security of information at all times.

ADHA conformance

CanView is registered with the ADHA as conforming electronic prescribing software.

Essential data only

We only access & use the patient information necessary to write prescriptions and provide support.

Local & secure

CanView cloud infrastructure resides in Australian AWS data centres. Data is stored at rest with AES-256.


Is medical cannabis legal to prescribe?

Yes. Medical cannabis is classified by the TGA (and should be treated as) any other schedule 8 (S8) medication. It is appropriate to prescribe if suitable for your patient, complying with TGA guidelines and the APHRA code of conduct; recognising and working within the the limits of your competence and scope of practice and ensuring you have adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe clinical care.

What are the approved pathways to prescribe medical cannabis?

SAS B allows prescribers (including nurse practitioners) to prescribe medicinal cannabis products for a single patient on a case-by-case basis. Special Access Scheme Category B (SAS B) is an application pathway through which a registered health practitioner may apply to the TGA for approval to prescribe an unapproved medicinal cannabis product for a patient under their care. The applicant must provide a suitable clinical justification for the use of the therapeutic good, including reasons why products included in the ARTG are not suitable for treating the patient.

Authorised Prescriber. Any Australian registered medical practitioner can become an AP. The TGA can grant a medical practitioner authority to prescribe a specified unapproved medicinal cannabis product for particular indications to a class of patients in their immediate care. To become an AP, a medical practitioner must obtain approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) or endorsement from an appropriate specialist college to prescribe the product. Prescribers do not need HREC approval or specialist college endorsement if the selected medicine’s active ingredient category, dosage form and indication are included in the TGA’s List of medicinal cannabis medicines with an established history of use. APs do not need to notify the TGA each time they prescribe medicinal cannabis products during the approval period (up to 5 years). APs must report the number of patients they treat every 6 months, even if the number is zero.

How long do SAS-B approvals take?

Usually up to 48 hours. Our app allows for scripts to be written and sent to the patient whilst they are awaiting their approvals, however, they will not be able to order their medication until the approval has been granted. When the approval comes through, both the prescriber and patient are notified and the approval will appear in your patient record in CanView automatically.

How can I learn about safe dosing and different dosing forms?

You will have access to extensive educational resources and our ‘Confident Prescribing Course’ in the educational hub. When prescribing, the product list contains advanced filtering to be able to search for products based on conditions, effects and even terpene profiles. Each product contains manufacturer-suggested dosing and titration guides which you can use as a starting point and customise to your patient’s needs. Our clinical support team is also available to assist you with enquiries and further training.

Where can I find evidence about the safety and efficacy of medicinal cannabis and its side effects?

Our ‘Confident Prescriber Course’ and CPD-accredited webinars (included in our education hub) cover the suitability, efficacy and side effects of medicinal cannabis treatments.

Can my patients drive whilst on medication?

There are no driving restrictions on CBD-only medications, however, patients taking medications containing THC are prohibited from driving in all Australian states (except Tasmania). State driving laws are subject to change so it is always best to check for the latest information in your state.

How will I know what pharmacy to choose?

If you have a pharmacy using CanView you prefer to work with, you can easily select them to automatically receive your patient’s scripts and approvals. If you’re unsure, we have an extensive network of experienced, independent pharmacies that specialise in medicinal cannabis, who can take care of your patients simply by choosing the ‘home delivery’ option.

Does Canview provide resources for patients?

Our education hub contains a collection of informative materials, as well as dosing and titration guides which you can provide to your patients.

How does the CanView patient app work?

When you write an electronic prescription with CanView, your patient will receive an SMS with a link to their script. Your patient can access and manage their scripts with or without downloading our mobile app, but our app provides a better patient experience. Inside the app, your patients can see all of their scripts, how many repeats are remaining, and place orders for their medication with over 3,800 pharmacies Australia-wide. When the patient sends their order to the pharmacy, the scripts and all of the approvals are sent as well, so there’s nothing more required from the doctor’s end.

How much does CanView cost?

The CanView platform is completely free to prescribers, patients and pharmacies in Australia.

Prescribe with confidence

Join thousands of Australian doctors providing revolutionary patient care with medical cannabis today.