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Plant Medicine Canberra

BHC’s CanView is Australia’s leading platform which allows pharmacists and doctors to order the widest range of plant based medication in Australia. BHC’s CanView offers Canberra pharmacists and doctors free express delivery on all orders!

Largest Product Range

Largest Product Range

Widest range of plant based medication in Australia

Easy Ordering

Easy Ordering

Simple and quick ordering with personalised support

Free Express Shipping

Free Express Shipping

Free express and tracked shipping direct to pharmacy

Canberra Doctors

Canberra Doctors can utilise BHC’s CanView for their plant medicine patient consultations. BHC’s CanView contains a large range of practical resources and tools for Canberra doctors and a dedicated section on the platform devoted to clinical resources, information packs, clinical note templates, dosing and administration guidelines, training courses, and more.

Through a partnership with licensed wholesaler, Burleigh Heads Cannabis, the BHC’s CanView online platform allows doctors to utilise one platform to view all product information in a clear and concise format, with the ability to place orders directly online.

Canberra Pharmacists

BHC’s CanView streamlines the plant medicine process for Canberra Pharmacists by removing the need to order from multiple suppliers around the country and offering a smart ordering technology with live support BHC’s CanView is an all-in-one solution for ordering and fulfilling plant medication prescriptions for your patients.

Streamlining the Plant Medicine Ordering Process

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The widest range of products in Australia
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Easily ordering from multiple suppliers
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